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Thanks to our BAA Half Marathon fundraising team! Together they raised over $5000 to support patient programs at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. Thanks to Katherine Corteselli, Patricia Garibaldi, Abby Weber, Kelsey Yonce, Ivan Ross, Desmond Rohan, and Elizabeth Wolock for their terrific efforts - and thanks to their families, friends, and colleagues who supported them!

Shattuck Partners works to improve the lives of patients at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, an important public health hospital located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. We fund or provide arts, recreational, vocational and therapeutic support programming for these vulnerable men and women from our community, helping them in their quest for recovery, healing and hope.

"I feel myself improving every day, both my mind and body.
I know I'll be able to really move forward in my life."

— Patient and participant in Shattuck Partners funded programs

Thank You to Our Lead Sponsor

Thank you to Anodyne Medical Services, lead sponsor of our 2016 Healing Art of Music fundraiser, for their generosity and commitment to the mission of Shattuck Partners.


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Spring Newsletter

Shattuck Partners Spring Newsletter